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Why do I Need a Planner/Coordinator?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

A million dollar question every one has an opinion on! Basically no RIGHT or WRONG answer but there is a safer choice!

The Family and Friends Free Service!

“My mom and my aunties are helping out”! “One of my close friends and my sister(s) are handling all of that”. Sounds cheaper right? Definitely! They can and should help but you need a professional. I can’t count how many times I have heard these statements even before signing up for this ‘planner life’ (lol I love I do so hire me).

Why you need the Professional!

ITS NOT THE SAME! Just like you can’t be running the show while in your gown, your family and friends need to be enjoying and celebrating your special day with you not running errands and ruining their makeup on your special day (they gotta look good in the pictures too). Every mom, sister, aunty, friend deserves to see everything happen live!! That includes your entrance, your first dance, the speech, the kisses and your bouquet toss so why keep them busy in the back checking on the food? More than half of the time people get distracted so things begin to go sideways and then fall apart completely, but then they call the planner/organized/nicely dressed ‘GUEST’ to help out.

When you hire a professional day of coordinator after you have thoroughly planned your wedding with your family, you hold them responsible for EVERYTHING. This includes the event logistics, trash duties, if every guest got fed, making sure your makeup is on point and you are camera ready. You have paid them to be your special assistant so you leave the details for them to handle!

You can have your family members as Point of Contacts for any questions the coordinator has but leave it to the professional to LET YOUR DAY GO UNHINGED!! They are your happy place on that day because your job is to be happy but they do all the work. They are your biggest fan and cheerleader because they fix the unthinkable and are the only ones to annoy you and cheer you up at the same time (no hard feelings), only people to get close and 'intimate' while getting you ready.

Also, your vendors are more comfortable with a professional coordinator than the five family members telling them what to do. You don't want your vendors being frustrated because communication is all over the place; your aunty said ok but your mom didn't know about it and your sister can't find it. MESSY! It only takes one competent person who actually knows what they are doing to convey information to a team of 8 vendors while micromanaging them at the same time. That is how talented your planner/coordinator and this keeps everyone fed and happy.


DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

-The Boss Planner