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The Wedding is Off!

Believe it or not, there are lots of good and false information floating around every day about the 'scary' Coronavirus (COVID19) that its affecting people's wedding plans. Reporters and writers are sourcing for information from wedding vendors about local and destination weddings, brides panicking about their fate (if anyone will show up) and the funniest part stores, running out of supplies because people are preparing for the apocalypse, crazy right? Well, regardless, life has to go on and people still have to go to work, live and enjoy their lives.

As we know, planning your wedding includes making sure your guests can actually show up, be a part of your day and have a great time because with all the talk and fears about the coronavirus people have to consider their health first. Brides have asked to postpone weddings, cancel or keep their guest number to a minimum because they want to be safe.

The facts about the precautions are still the same if you actually follow it, however, if you have guests who are concerned about flying in or being at a venue where everyone is showing affection then you should consider certain things. Wedding planners can advise and tell you their professional opinions but can't really tell you what to do because you know your guests better. Your vendors have to protect themselves as well because they work with different clients all the time and can’t transfer sickness on the job (not professional) but they will make the decisions at their discretion.

Sure, you should be concerned but don't overthink it and a few things you can do is

· Keep tracking the COVID19

· Ask your venues about your options because it’s likely they are booked solid throughout the year so switching will be hard

· Talk to your guests and see what their plans are

· Find out from the vendors if it will affect them or they have availability

· Lastly, assess the situation yourself

It's your wedding and you have to think it through before you make major decisions. Is this going to affect people in the wedding industry? the short answer is yes but its also affecting lives and ALL industries, no exceptions here. Just follow the precautions, enjoy life and if you are inclined to postponing then do it, we all have to be safe.

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

The Boss Planner

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