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What Brides Know!

Its engagement season and you know what that means? For some ladies, they are about to experience the best feeling yet! THE PROPOSAL because that leaves you in cloud 9 for days, weeks and even months. During and after the excitement phase what most brides do is celebrate, make announcements, actively show off their rings in pictures and then attempt to plan a wedding.

What every bride knows after this is "there is going to be a wedding", whether its a small, big or a legal wedding something needs to happen after the proposal. They know to buy a wedding planner book to stay organized. They know to make a list of their guests and schedule an engagement shoot. They know to buy their wedding dress and choose their bridal party. They know to pick their date, choose their vendors and venue. They know to save some Pinterest ideas for their vision board and inspiration. Finally they know for sure they are on the right track and will be getting married.

Now when this chunk of work is done, you feel so accomplished, as you should! Make sure you celebrate those wins because hun you just completed phase1and 2 of the10 stages of wedding planning! Yes I said 10 phases. Some super brides will try and ride it out until they hit phase 5 and when the yelling and cussing of the fiancé/partner and family members begin you know that its time to hang the boots and get help.

What you don't know is you need the wedding planner's planner or guide. Sounds confusing right? The wedding planners book of knowledge is filled with tricks and

secrets of how to do things and there are things we know and do that you will never think of! Its because of the experience we have doing this. What you don't know is all the legwork that needs to be done before and on the day of the wedding! THE LOGISTICS, THE SITE VISITS, THE EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE, THE DETAILS AND THE EXECUTION are the other phases that you want to leave for an expert to handle. Its not at all for the faint at heart.

So long story short sometimes brides dont know what they dont know. Invest in a professional who can give you a seamless process and perfect day! Its soooo worth it.

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

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